Friday Fiction: Your Perfect Life

Let me start off by saying, I don’t normally read adult fiction, since I am still a young adult, and tend to relate more to the themes explored in young adult fiction, however I (much to my surprise) really, really enjoyed this story, and will probably read more adult fiction in the future.

I liked the premise of the book, which is why I decided to give it a chance. It’s similar to Freaky Friday only it goes much deeper. Topics like unplanned pregnancy, date rape, mid-life crisis, and pop culture’s impact on young girls are all addressed in this book. Despite the heavy hitting themes though, this book is a fun read, and it is almost guaranteed you will laugh out loud at some point (I know I did multiple times!).

I have to admit, Casey Lee’s life is one I have always wanted, only I would prefer a journalist job over tv show co-host, but essentially my goals are the same. I picture my life in 10 years very similar to hers: single, living in a large city, with a well paying job and no children to tie me down. In fact, I took a much more immediate liking to Casey than I did Rachel, because Rachel’s life is everything I dread: dropping out of college, three kids, and an unhappy marriage of 20 years. However after reading this book, my views have completely changed. Casey is successful, yes, but she is lonely. And while Rachel’s marriage is nowhere near perfect, she still has someone. Granted, her life at the beginning of the book is much different than her life at the end, and that had a huge impact on how my opinion of her life changed.

The themes discussed in this book were hard hitting. Unplanned pregnancy can really destroy dreams, and while a child is a beautiful thing, there is still that lingering though of what if, and the authors really captured this well in Rachel. However, as is life, that life Rachel believed would have been so perfect really wasn’t. Date rape is also a growing problem in our society. For Casey, it changed her view on men and children for the rest of her life (until Charlie…I love Charlie so much). She was forever scarred by her experience, and yet she was able to use that experience positively when Audrey was nearly date raped. Mid-life crisis is something Casey sort of stumbles upon after switching into Rachel’s body. She wasn’t really aware of what she was missing until she was experiencing it firsthand. She didn’t realize how much she wanted it until she (sort of) had it. Another thing that I really applaud the authors on including was having Casey, see first-hand how what she did as a celebrity affected teen girls like Audrey and Sophia. Celebrities don’t interact with their fans on a personal level, so they don’t see the impacts they have on how they dress and how they act, despite the fact that they have a huge influence on these things. The obvious theme here is essentially the idea that there is always someone whose life is better than yours. Our society today is one that is never fully content. We are constantly wishing we had something bigger and better. This story did a fantastic job of showing that perhaps someone’s life is not quite everything it appears to be. There were some heavy themes in this book, but at the same time the authors still managed to make it a fun read.

I am very glad I picked this book up, because not only was it a funny, relaxing read, it also changed my view on several things. One element of a solid book is the ability to alter the reader in some way, whether that is changing their view on something, or simply making them think about something they hadn’t really before. I would definitely recommend Your Perfect Life to anyone who has hit that point in their life where they feel unhappy with their life, and wish for something better. Perhaps, like Rachel and Casey, you’ll see all the little things in your life that really are quite perfect.

Special thanks to Megan Beatie for sending me a copy for review!

Until next time,

Gracie 🙂


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