Danger: Black Ice

I’m having flashbacks to my first time reading The Host by Stephanie Meyers. Pretty much every single human being on this planet has read Twilight, seen the movie, or heard some teenage girl yakking about Team Edward versus Team Jacob. You either love it or you hate it. I was on the eye-rolling side of things (Twilight? *eyeroll*) So, when one of my very best friends who hates clichéd love triangles and paranormal story lines shoved The Host in my face and demanded I read it as soon as possible, I laughed. A 600+ page Stephanie Meyer novel? No way in hell. However, she was persistent and placed the book on my shelf. That one eye stared me down for a solid month, until one day I said “what the hell” and picked it up. I was up until 3 in the morning reading that masterpiece. What does this have anything to do with Black Ice you ask? Let me explain. Becca Fitzpatrick is best known for her Hush Hush trilogy about a fallen angel, Patch, and a human-turned-Nephil, Nora. So basically, she’s in the same boat as Stephanie Meyers was; known for a sappy (though admittedly a guilty pleasure of mine) paranormal romance that followed the plotline of basically every single paranormal romance on record. HOWEVER, this is not meant to be a hate-fest on Becca Fitzpatrick (or Stephanie Meyers) in any way. In fact, I applauded Becca Fitzpatrick, because despite the basic storyline, she created interesting characters that where somehow unique while still being generic…I know it sounds weird but I’m at a loss for wording. I loved her writing and characters so much that when I saw Black Ice on the New Releases page of iTunes, I bought it without even reading the synopsis or even glancing at the cover. Because of this, I assumed that it was just another paranormal romance, possibly vampires in the place of fallen angels. I was so wrong. What I got instead was a contemporary thriller that had me on the edge of my seat and awake until 2:30 in the morning (despite the fact I had an 8am the next day…yeah that was not fun). Fitzpatrick threw in so many twists and turns that I really had no idea what was going to happen next. Just when I thought I had it figured out, something happened and I was back to square one. There was the perfect balance of romance, mystery, and horror that is so rarely found in a YA teen. I was thrilled. Becca Fitzpatrick dropped hints of Korbie and Britt’s impending doom on almost every page, and while the foreshadowing was quite obvious there were still certain lines that sent chills down my spine.

As in Hush Hush, Fitzpatrick created characters that were stock characters, but were unique in a way that really helped draw the reader into the story. Britt was a great character. One thing I really loved about this story was how what happened on the mountain really changed Jude and Britt, for the better. Britt constantly talks about how at home she always relied on Ian, her dad, or Calvin to help her out of situations. On the mountain, she is on her own, and really begins to discover her true inner strength and what she is really capable of. Jude is a bitter, vengeful man who walks down the wrong path of life in order to avenge his sister’s death. Throughout the beginning and middle of the book, he is portrayed as “Mason”, a cold, hard-hearted man who is much older than his actual 21 years. However as he and Britt form a tentative alliance to escape the hazardous mountain, the layers are peeled back and “Jude” is revealed. For those who haven’t read the book (if you haven’t I’m sorry, I’ve already spoiled it for you. Should’ve read the book first), Mason is the identity Jude creates in order to pair up with Shaun and avenge Lauren’s death. It is not until he meets Britt that he seems to slowly find Jude again and leave Mason behind. In the epilogue we are introduced to the authentic Jude, who is a completely different person than Mason, but still totally perfect for Britt.

Korbie was an annoying b****, and I won’t talk about her because it will likely just get me riled up. Shaun and Calvin where both insanely creepy and demented, and perfectly written. I have to admit, I had an uneasy feeling about Calvin. Even though Britt refers to Calvin as “her lifeline” and thinks of memories with him when she’s scared, there was never the feeling that they would be the ones together at the end of the book. Throughout the entire book, I knew it would be Jude she ended up with. I also like how Becca Fitzpatrick had Britt contemplate the fact that her attraction to Jude could simply be Stockholm’s Syndrome multiple times. She does not fully admit she loves Jude until pretty much the last chapter. There is always a lingering doubt in her mind up until then. I applaud Fitzpatrick for not creating a heroine who just falls head over heels for the “saviour guy” because in reality he did kidnap her, and put her life in danger. However, I do think, based on what we saw in the epilogue, Jude and Britt where meant to be together. Mason and Britt where not, but Jude and Britt were.

I loved this book from pretty much the first page, and even if you didn’t like Hush Hush I highly recommend you read this book. It is contemporary as opposed to paranormal, and has a unique plot line with equally unique characters. Plus, its Halloween season, and who doesn’t love a creepy thriller while curled up in a cozy sweater by the fire?

Until next time,

Gracie 🙂


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