Happily Ever Afters Do Exist


Have you ever read a story that makes you feel so many emotions that it seems your heart is going to leap right out of your chest? A story that inspires every emotion imaginable, to the point where you are physically in pain from the hurt and anger, or crying from the happiness and sadness, or that feeling in your chest created by love and only love, a feeling that can literally only be described as love? This story, the kind that you not only read, but also live, this is the type of story that must be treasured. These are the stories that should have worn pages, tear stains, and battered covers because you have read them so many times because they make you feel alive.

I’ve read Stephanie Perkin’s novels before. I like Anna and the French Kiss, and loved Lola and the Boy Next Door. Honestly, I put off reading Isla and the Happily Ever After because I really didn’t think that Lola could be topped. However, I eventually picked it up, and I am so glad I did. Isla completely blows Anna and Lola out of the water. The imagery of Paris, the electric chemistry between Josh and Isla, and the individual characters themselves are so beautifully written. This book has a much more mature and intimate than the other two. Perhaps that’s because I’m older than I was when I read the other two, and I relate to Isla much more than I ever related to Anna or Lola. Either way, there was something unique and different about Isla that hooked me from the first chapter. I also liked Josh as a male protagonist more than St. Claire or Cricket (not that I didn’t love each of them). I have always been fascinated by how artists express their love, and I think Stephanie Perkins captured it beautifully. Artists have so much emotion in them, and they have such a unique way of expressing it. This means they love differently and, in my opinion, love beautifully. The scene where Josh draws on Isla is probably my favorite in the entire book. It’s just so beautiful and raw.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Stephanie Perkins’ stories are the ultimate pick me up. If rainbows, cupcakes, and puppies were in book form they would be a Stephanie Perkins novel. They make you feel emotions you never thought you would, and make you believe in things you thought impossible. Their words leap of the page and into your heart, your soul.

This world would be a darker place without Stephanie Perkins books, and especially Isla and Happily Ever After. This is a quick yet captivating read, and I would recommend anyone read it. Seriously, whether you are 14 or 84, read it.

Until next time,

Gracie 🙂

Image: http://novelsounds.net/feature/arts-crafts-isla-happily-ever-stephanie-perkins-wallpaper/


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