Teen Wolf is BACK


*does happy dance around the house because my favorite TV show is finally back after 9 months of agony*

Whew. Season 5. Who would’ve thought that an MTV tv show about teenage werewolves (…and werecoyotes, kitsunes, kanimas, and banshees) would still be going strong after 4 seasons? Not only is Teen Wolf going strong, it’s improving. Like a good wine, it’s getting better with age…not that I would know because I hate wine. The CGI keeps improving (the monsters finally look realistic), the monsters get creepier (seriously…there have been a few times I’ve been convinced this show is under the horror category), and Scott’s pack just keeps getting better and better.

Season 5 finds us in a Beacon Hills that is changing. Jordan Parrish (aka the super hot deputy) is still trying to figure out what he is (with the help of Miss Lydia Martin of course…MARRISH FOREVER). Liam Dunbar has now become the pack’s newest werewolf (sooo cute), and strange, new werewolf Theo has arrived back in town and is petitioning to be a part of Scott’s pack (though I don’t trust a single hair on his body). To top it all off, there is a group of evil scientists kidnapping local children and turning them into horrifying creatures, such as a werewolf with weird, power-sucking abilites, and of course, the dreaded kanima (we didn’t miss that creepy ass lizard thing, we really, really didn’t).

I think the most intriguing thing about Teen Wolf, for me, is that every season the story lines get more complex and outlandish, yet Jeff Davis has still mastered the ability to make it seem real (well, real within the realms of the supernatural). I’ve never seen a villain and gone “well, that’s just stupid and unbelievable. If anything, I’ve always gone “OH MY GOD THAT’S TERRIFYING…bravo, Jeff Davis.” One advantage to the super complex and intense story lines, is that a 45 minute episode all of sudden feels like 10 minutes. I’m serious, the end credits will start playing and I’ll just sit at my TV screen yelling, “THAT’S IT? I NEED MORE.”

Now, something that is always changing about Teen Wolf is the cast. It’s different every season. That used to be something I hated, but I’ve learned to embrace it (as long as they don’t kill off Lydia or Stiles or Scott. One of those three die? I’m done). This season especially has shown us an influx of new characters that appear regularly, even if they aren’t technically season regulars. So, these are my 5 favorite characters this season so far:

1. Lydia Martin


Starting Season 3, Lydia quickly became my favorite female character on Teen Wolf. In fact, she is arguably my favorite character on the show. She doesn’t have superhuman strength, but she bears the burden of being a banshee. As she says in Season 4, all she has is voices in her head. She’s the one who always finds the dead bodies, and it falls upon her shoulders to predict deaths, even the deaths of her friends. That takes in incredible strength, and yet through all of it she maintains her sass and strong personality. Not to mention the fact she is a literal genius. From what I’ve seen so far, I think Lydia will be vital in Season 5, and that we will continue to see her character grow personally, and supernaturally (did anyone else see her beat up those guys banshee style in the premiere? Talk about AWESOME).

2. Stiles Stilinski


Oh, Stiles. My favorite male character on the show since day 1, when he falls off of Scott’s roof to tell him about the body in the woods. His wit and sarcasm, paired with extreme loyalty is what makes him such a strong character. After being possessed in Season 3, and then dealing with the after effects in Season 4, he seems to be headed to a much better story line in Season 5. He seems hell bent on keeping the pack safe, while still dealing with doubts about what will happen to the pack after graduation (something we are all wondering). Maybe this season we will finally learn his name?

3. Jordan Parrish


Ahh, Deputy Parrish. I remember thinking back in Season 3, “huh, that deputy is pretty cute.” And then realizing in Season 4 that he’s not just hot, he’s also a supernatural creature. One of the main story lines this season is trying to figure out what exactly Parrish is. All we know at this point was that he was burned alive, and not only lived, but was unscathed. Plus, the thing he’s got going on with Lydia is pretty adorable. Seriously, if they get together, there will finally be a couple that I really love on this show. So Jeff Davis, please keep Parrish around for the next season…or five.

4. Liam Dunbar


I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t really like Liam at first. I still wasn’t a huge fan by the end of Season 4. However, in Season 5 he becomes the “baby” of the pack, which makes for some pretty hilarious scenes with him, Scott, and Stiles. I also like how he seems to be mature for a werewolf of his age, and he has become fully loyal to Scott’s pack. He also provides a lot of comic relief, which is always needed on a show as creepy as Teen Wolf.

5. Mason Hewitt


While he is nowhere near a regular character, nor is he a supernatural creature, I really appreciate his character, especially in last nights episode. Despite not knowing about Beacon Hill’s supernatural creatures until Season 5, episode 2, he saved several of their lives in Season 4. He also has been an incredible friend to Liam. He stood by his side while Liam transitioned and dealt with PTSD, without even knowing what was wrong with his best friend. Then, when he found out what Liam was, he didn’t get scared or run, or even get jealous. He just grinned, and expressed how awesome that was. I have a feeling Mason is to Liam what Stiles is to Scott, and what Allison was to Lydia. Every supernatural creature needs a human best friend, and Mason is a perfect fit for Liam. Also, s/o to Teen Wolf writers for making him black AND openly gay (without making a big deal out of it). This show has always been progressive, and Mason is further proof of that.

Honorable mention: Brett Talbot


This random werewolf dude from Liam’s old school keeps showing up, both in season 4 and season 5…and most of the time he’s shirtless, so I’m not complaining.

So… to sum up Season 5 in word…


Stick around guys…this is gonna be a good one.

Also, in honor of the new season, I’ve added some new Teen Wolf themed mugs to my etsy shop!

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