Fall With Me

I first discovered Jennifer L. Armentrout through her YA series, Lux, about deliciously hot aliens. Then I found out that she writes New Adult romances under the alias J. Lynn that are even more amazing than her YA novels (believe it or not). I’ve read every single one of the Wait For You series; so to say I was excited for the fourth book, Fall With Me, is understatement. I loved Roxy’s character in Stay With Me; so I was really excited when I found out this would be her and Reece’s story. Naturally, J. Lynn did not disappoint. She’s my third favorite NA author, right behind Leisa Rayven and Mia Sheridan. Her stories are heartbreaking, but the characters and their stories stay with you long after you’ve read the final line. I’ve read the previous book in this series multiple times. This can be read as a standalone novel though. Roxy is a quirky bartender who loves art and Supernatural (basically she’s everything I want to be in life). She’s currently working on getting a degree in Graphic Design, but it becomes clear her heart isn’t quite in it. Her true love in working at Mona’s bar, and painting in her off time. However, she feels like she needs college degree in order to be successful in life. She does carry a heavy burden though; her best friend Charlie is now in a vegetative state after a devastating accident, and she carries that grief with her. She’s had a crush on Reece for years, since they grew up together, but she didn’t act on it since he shipped out to Afghanistan while she was still in high school. I loved her sense of humour and feisty attitude; it was a refreshing change from the angst filled heroines of the rest of this series. She has an element of lightheartedness that they didn’t. Enter Reece, the deliciously hot Marine-turned-cop who can’t seem to get the captivating Roxy out of his mind. And he drives a truck, so what’s not to love? Things are currently slightly awkward between the two, however, because he thinks they drunkenly hooked up one night about a year ago. Still, he does everything in his power to get her to finally admit to her feelings for him. The stakes are raised when it becomes apparent Roxy is in danger, and he takes it upon himself to be the one to protect her, which leads to some interesting encounters while in close quarters. Like with all of J. Lynn’s characters, the compatibility of Roxy and Reece is off the charts. They have sizzling chemistry, as well as a deep devotion to one another, even though Roxy may not want to admit it. However, it is clear to everyone around them that they are clearly meant to be, so they are not so subtly shoved together by the various townspeople playing matchmaker. This story had the usual touches of a J. Lynn novel. Quirky yet loveable characters, both of which has something haunting their past and holding them back from finding true love. While there were a few of the annoying phrases she likes to include, it wasn’t as bad as in book 3, so the story had a much more mature tone overall. The suspense line of the story was predictable, but it added just the right amount of tension to the plot. It was also instrumental in bringing the two main characters together, so I can see why it was thrown in there. While this wasn’t my favorite in the Wait For You Series (nothing will ever beat Be With Me) it was still the beautiful writing of J.Lynn that I eagerly await every time she announces a new book. It made me laugh, cry, hold my breathe, and sigh in relief, and I’m not ashamed to admit I stayed up until 3 in the morning (the night it was released) to finish it. I cannot wait for Nick’s story, coming in the fall of 2015!! **This is a New Adult story, and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18**

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