New Classes & New Music

Summer is over, and school has begun. While I personally love starting new classes, many people don’t share that sentiment. I don’t blame them though, especially the high schoolers. High school isn’t exactly “fun learning”. Hang in there kids, college is awesome. You finally get to study and learn about things you are truly passionate about. But I digress. While school may not be a good reason to be excited for fall’s arrival, several things are: new albums from up and coming artists, as well as well-established artists.

New music is being released everyday, all around the world. I feel like every time I get on iTunes, there’s a new artist who has burst onto the scene, or an artist from the 2000s who has released their 500th album. However, for me personally, it seems like my favorite artists wait years to produce new music. Now, in reality, I know it takes a lot of time and effort to out together an album of quality music. That’s why I’m so excited for this fall; the next few months each brings a new release from one of my favorite artists. So lets break it down: Who am I excited for? and why am I so excited?

tumblr_nrov7qRXMQ1qf2zyko4_500 Halsey 

Album: Badlands

Release date: August 28

Genre: Indie Pop

On tour? Yes

I first discovered Halsey back in August of 2014 when drummer Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer tweeted about her new single, Ghost. It was the first song she had ever released, and I was immediately in love. Her lyrics are poetic, and her haunting voice brings a life to her words that it almost mystical. She combines teen angst with brutally adult topics like drugs, sex, and references to mental illnesses. I love her music because of this haunting though; she connects not with the regular pop crowd, but with the broken artists, poets, writers, and heartbroken lovers. Most of her songs deal with heartbreak from love, but she captures it on an intimate level that I haven’t seen before, with lyrics like “you climbed inside my body/and held me captive with a kiss.” She released her Room 93 EP in April 2015, and shortly later announced her Badlands”album. It will include several songs off her EP, including Ghost and Hurricane, but will also have 14 new songs. Her music is completely unique in my mind, and her lyrics are unlike anything else I’ve ever heard; they’re more like poetry than usual lyrics, and I love that.

“My demons are begging me to open up my mouth
I need them mechanically make the words come out
They fight me, vigorous and angry, watch them pounce
Ignite me, licking up the flames they bring about”

-Hold Me Down

“Dark as midnight sun,
Smoke as black as charcoal
Fills into our fragile lungs.
Cause when our demons come,
Dancing in the shadows,
To a game that can’t be won.”

-Empty Gold

I have been anxiously awaiting this album since it was released. I can’t wait to see what she blesses our ears with later this August.

5 Seconds of Summer tumblr_nlaz7kQUyc1trq9l0o3_500

Album: Sounds Good, Feels Good

Release date: October 23

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock

On tour? Yes

I can remember the very first song I ever heard by 5SOS; I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and saw someone had posted a link to a new Australian band’s youtube channel. There I clicked on the link to their Unpredictable song, and I immediately fell in love. It is still one of my favorite songs by them, despite the fact that their sound and style has come a long way from their Somewhere New EP, released December 2012. They are now a hugely successful boy band, though don’t make the mistake of comparing them to One Direction. Their new sound is more similar to the likes of All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day. They’re often put in the genres of pop punk and pop rock. While I wouldn’t have necessarily agreed with this after listening to their first album, 5 Seconds of Summer, I would definitely agree after hearing their two latest singles off of the new album, She’s Kinda Hot and Fly Away. I’m excited for this album mainly because I feel like they’ve finally hit their groove. I’ve enjoyed their past music, but it was always lacking something. I can’t pinpoint whether that something was the high energy found in She’s Kinda Hot, or the definitive personality in their new sound, but I do know that this album will be even better than the first. They are releasing the She’s Kinda Hot EP on August 28, however in typical 5SOS fashion, it will only be available in Australia and the UK. Seriously, guys? Anyway, this EP will have 3 songs not on the new album, so I’ll probably do what I had to do for the Don’t Stop EP and buy it for a bajillion dollars from some UK music store on Amazon. But trust me, it’s worth it.

troy_sivan_0714.3c2770ccb12aa49334bf1de613710976 Troye Sivan

EP: Wild

Release Date: September 4

Genre: Dance pop

On tour? No

Troye Sivan is a well known YouTuber, and has quickly gained celebrity status in the past year. Last fall, he released his first EP, TRXYE, and it immediately hit the top of almost every iTunes chart. It trended worldwide, and debuted at #5 on Billboard. In short, it was wildly popular almost overnight. Now, his Wild EP isn’t technically an album, and it’s not going to be a standalone like the TRXYE EP was. Instead, it is an “opening installment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce” us to all the music he will be releasing later in the year. SO not only do we get 6 songs from Wild, but apparently, we are also getting an entire album…YESSSS. I wrote a post awhile back of several songs that really meant something to me, and included in it was Fun, off of Troye’s TRXYE EP. The unique thing about Troye’s songs is that his lyrics are about real world topics. Fun address child soldiers in the Middle East, and Happy Little Pill is clearly about mental health. Troye doesn’t just produce music, he writes it, and he writes from the heart. I really admire Troye as a person, and especially as a music artist. Not only does he have meaningful lyrics, but he manages to artfully blend them with fun, high energy dance pop type sounds. If you don’t listen carefully to the lyrics, the songs may seem like fun club songs, but in reality they are so much more than that.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what his new songs are about.

Lana Del Reytumblr_static_61weefa0ekw8k00kwg0so4g08

Album: Honeymoon

Release date: September 18

Genre: Indie Pop

On tour? No

Lana Del Rey is one of those artists that has been around as long as I can remember. Her very first album was released in 2010, which is only 5 years, but in the music industry that seems like much longer. She released her last album, Ultraviolence, last summer. It was pretty different from her previous albums, and I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not. It still had her signature soft, lyrical voice, and haunting melodies, but in my mind it kinda fell flat. Every song on the album seemed exactly the same: soulful and slow. Very, very slow. Her new single, High by the Beach, released just 10 days ago, follows the pattern of slow and soulful, though there is definitely something different about it. It has definitively piqued my interest in her new album, Honeymoon. The album is not up yet for pre-order on iTunes (that should happen sometime tomorrow), and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of official album artwork yet. However, just a few hours ago, she did release a complete track list for the album, so we do at least have song names (and one song). I’m excited, but it’s not anything that will keep me up at night with anticipation.

So keep your heads up folks. School may have started, and that may drag a few of y’all down, but keep your heads up, because there is some pretty awesome new music coming this fall.


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