Favorite Bloggers: Instagram Edition

Instagram is often in a close tie with Tumblr for “a social media site Grace spends way too much time on.” Tumblr will probably always have that crown, simply because it’s more diverse in content, but still… I. Love. Instagram. In this day in age people have even found a way to make a career from their Instagram page; honestly, hats off to them. Social media is often colored as being bad for society, but their are so many people who are able to use it to pursue their passion, whether it’s fashion, cooking, or photography, turning it into a career with the help of Instagram. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.

I chose these six ladies out of all the accounts I follow because when their images show up on my feed, it never fails to cheer me up. Whether it’s an adorable new outfit put together by @LoneStarSouthern, a brightly colored building photographed by @augustaleighphotography, or pictures from @Zozeebo’s cute seaside town of Brighton, England, their images make my day every time. So let’s break it down: why should you follow these amazing women’s Instagram accounts (well actually the real question is why the hell wouldn’t you?)?


Caitlin Collins


Augstaleighphotography is run by Caitlin Collins, an extremely talented professional photographer. Her trademark is vibrant photos filled with eye-catching bursts of color. Just scrolling through her account bright blues, pinks, oranges, etc immediately jump out to catch your eye. I love her blog especially because her main area of photo-blogging is travel photography. There is constantly new content from beautiful places all over the world-this girl is constantly on the move. However, she doesn’t limit herself to landscapes and buildings like most travel photographers. Caitlin often features people in her pictures from around the world, including herself, bringing an added sense of life and personality to her photography. She also occasionally includes images from behind the scenes of her professional shoots, which can be a fun look into the life of a professional photographer. She used to be based in Austin, Texas (my hometown!), which is how I first found her images. However, in the fall she will be moving to Berlin, Germany. I absolutely cannot wait to see how Caitlin brings the beautiful continent of Europe to life with her talented and vibrant photographs.


Taylor Madison


I found Taylor Madison’s account, @thesimplesol, through Caitlin Collin’s account. I was immediately drawn to it simply by the name alone; it’s elegant, simple (pun intended), and peaceful. It’s particularly interesting because the name could either be interpreted as “the simple soul” or “the simple sun”, since sol in Latin means sun. On her blog she has an image of the sun as part of her logo, so that’s probably what she intends for people to interpret it as, however I think it has beautiful meaning either way. One thing is for sure though, there is nothing simple about Taylor’s photos. They are a lot like the sun: bursting with life, light, and vibrance. She defines herself as a travel + lifestyle photographer, much like Caitlin Collins. She is also often featured in Caitlin’s pictures, and the two seem to travel the world together. Talk about the dream life, am I right? I could think of nothing better than being a traveling photographer with one of my best friends. Taylor’s personality shines through her pictures, and I love the pop of color they bring to my feed. I’m not sure exactly where she is currently based; she does not list her location in her bio like other instagramers. However, she seems more like a nomad at heart anyway. It seems like every week she is posting images of herself in a new part of the world. This is just part of what makes her account so fun to follow- you never know what beautiful place she will be posting pictures of next week.


High End Hippie is run by Kristen Ritchie, and her Instagram username does a good job of describing her content: she is a fashion blogger with a taste for the higher end type of hippie clothing. This also happens to be my favorite category of fashion, so to say I was elated when I found her account is an understatement. I love the outfits she posts, and it constantly gives me wardrobe envy. Seriously, if I could have anyone in the world’s wardrobe, it would be hers. She also runs a blog, like the other Instagram bloggers featured in this post, and I follow that as well. If one day I am lucky enough to be able to afford her taste in clothing (poor college student here) I will be furiously clicking the purchase links found in her blog. It’s not very clear where she is currently based, however she photographs at a lot of Dallas locations, so that’s my best guess. It makes sense too- her outfits and styles have a very “Southern Hippie” element added to them, which is part of what makes them so appealing to me. Growing up in Austin I’ve been lucky to see this unique type of fashion from a young age, and Kristen’s blog provides the perfect weekly dose of inspiration. And while I may not be able to afford the clothes she posts, I do my best to replicate them at local thrift stores (Austin girls, check out Buffalo Exchange on Guadalupe. You can thank me later).


Meredith Braden, pictured left, with Caitlin Collins


I found Meredith Braden’s account through @augustaleighphoto (as evidenced by the picture on the right). Much like the other instagramers featured, she posts pictures featuring people surrounded by bright colors. She often collaborates with Kristen Ritchie (@highendhippie), Taylor Madison (@thesimplesol), and Caitlin Collins (@augustaleighphoto). However, unlike the other blogs, she rarely features herself in the pictures she posts. She is a professional photographer based in Dallas, Texas, and often posts images from her professional shoots. She is a fantastic gateway blog to other creative individuals, but while you’re on her page be sure to hit the follow button. Trust me, your feed will thank you for it. Her pictures will bring your feed to life with her fascinating subjects, bold colors, and unique locations.




@lonestarsouthern is run by Katy, a recent University of Texas at Austin graduate and is also a fashion blog. Katy is a fellow Austinite and her style is proof of this. I’m often impressed by the outfits she puts together due to the way she manages to seamlessly blend the preppy style of New England with the hippie/new bohemian style that is so prevalent in Austin. This is what truly sets her apart from other preppy fashion blogs. Instead of being consumed with pearls, cardigans, shift dresses, and subdued colors, she incorporates bold colors, flowing shirts and dresses, and plenty of unique personality into each one of her outfits. This makes her the perfect blog to follow for southern sorority girls. They are a completely unique from the eastern prep, and I feel her blog could really inspire southern sorority girls looking to add some “pop” to their preppy wardrobe. Her wardrobe is another one I envy. She posts purchase links to most of her outfits on her website, and also occasionally has giveaways for products she features.


Zoe Sugg


Last, but most certainly not least, is @zozeebo, run by Zoe Sugg. Zoe is very unique from the rest of the instagramers, for several reasons. She got her start on YouTube (which remains her main social media platform) as a vlogger. She has recently reached celebrity status as a vlogger, lifestyle blogger, author, and even is even developing her own cosmetics line. Zoe is currently based in Brighton, England. While Instagram is only one of her many social media platforms, and certainly not her main focus, it is still one of my favorites. Her whimsical beach town pictures are part of what makes her account one of my favorites.  She constantly fills my feed with images of her latest fashion picks, her adorable pug, Nala, and selfies with her fellow YouTube vloggers. Her Instagram is more of a diary of her life than a professional photography account, however her pictures are high quality and definitely add a unique touch to my feed.

I highly recommend you hit the follow button for all of these accounts. I know I’m constantly looking for new content for my Instagram feed, and these blogs/accounts would be perfect additions to yours as well, I’m sure!


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