Into the Spotlight: Louisa Wendorff

Until recently there was a question that would continually stump me. It was a pretty simple question: what’s your favorite genre of music? I’ve always had a pretty wide range of preferences; I’ll listen to pretty much anything with the exception of hard core rap and screamo music. I could name a few favorite artists; I knew all of them had a similar style but I couldn’t quite put a name to it. They all seemed to be relatively new artists, so I figured they had an entirely new sound, that a new genre was being created. Then I stumbled across the Indie Pop playlist on Spotify and found the answer to that pesky little question. Artists I loved like Echosmith, Halsey, Sheppard, were all featured on this playlist. Another artist featured was none other than the oh so lovely Louisa Wendorff. njYPnjBr

This wasn’t my first encounter with Louisa Wendorff’s music. Late in December of 2014, she dropped an absolutely stunning mash-up of Taylor Swift’s Style and Blank Space, featuring Devin Dawson, on her YouTube channel. Its stunning quality caught the attention of thousands of fans around the world, and within a few short days, it caught the attention of none other than Taylor Swift herself. That was how the video came across my Tumblr dashboard. I remember listening to it in my closet-sized dorm room, my jaw pretty much on my lap. As soon as it ended, I turned around and yelled at my roommate, and avid Taylor Swift fan, that she needed to drop everything she was doing and just listen. She too was speechless, and for the next few days played it on a continuos loop in our room. I didn’t really mind that much though.

Immediately, I looked up Louisa Wendorff on iTunes, only to realize (heartbreakingly so) she only had one EP released, and it was made entirely of mashups. She had such a beautiful voice, though, that I bought all of them anyway. I’m glad I did; Louisa is extremely talented when it comes to blending two songs together to create stunning mashups. I later found an album of her own original work on Spotify, however it didn’t win me over quite like the Blank Space + Style mash-up had , so she fell off of my radar for quite a bit. Then, just last week, I was listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, and was surprised to hear a familiar, enchanting voice. Unwittingly, I had missed the release of 3 new singles of hers. And boy had I been missing out.

Not only had she released yet another breathtakingly unique mash up (this time of Mumford & Sons Believe and Who Is Fancy’s Goodbye), I also found two original songs by her as well: New Normal and Let You Love Me. Unlike the previous original song by her, I fell in love with these two songs (they’ve been on repeat every time I get in the car these past few days). I also came across her newest music video, released a month ago, on my Tumblr dashboard, which led to me spending about 15 minutes of catching up on all her music videos. I’m not sure who she has on her video production team, but they do an amazing job. All too often, new, emerging artists have poorly made music videos that look like they were done by a film student who is still using iMovie. Not Louisa’s though.

One music video in particular, captures the thing that makes Louisa Wendorff different from many other singer/songwriters. She’s a triple threat, but her third quality is not the usual: she is proficient in dance. This is beautifully showcased in her Goodbye | Believe music video. Yes, a lot of music videos contain artists dancing, but theirs is clearly choreographed, and always the same club-like dancing. She, however, is clearly a trained dancer, in the ballerina type sense. She reveals how excited she was to incorporate this passion of hers into her latest video in an interview with Teen Vogue. She emphasizes how important dance was to her growing up, “so why not share that?” She goes on to tease her fans by saying, “This is just the start of merging dance with my music—exciting things are coming soon.” An artist who not only has amazing vocals but also some pretty awesome moves to go with them? She’s destined for great things, that’s for sure.

tumblr_no5yizY86G1u6jbbto3_1280Louisa is also extremely likable as a person, so I can only imagine how awesome it would be to see her perform live. She has a contagious smile with a bubbly personality to match. Combine this with her incredible talent, and it’s not a stretch to say that new fans will have no problem falling in love with her music. She has several behind the scenes videos on her YouTube channel that give fans a glimpse into her life with music. Her Tumblr account also gives fan insight into her vibrant personality. She’s constantly posting behind the scenes pictures, as well as encouraging word posts intended to lift readers up. She’s one of those artists that is down to earth, personal, and so friendly that you can’t help but wish her all the best and pray she succeeds in the music industry (which I have no doubt she will).

Exciting things are on the horizon this fall and later in 2015. She announced on tumblr_nti23nNjJq1u6jbbto1_540Sunday that the third part of her summer trilogy (Let Me Love You + New Normal + ?) would be released later this week. That means a new single and a new music video. By the looks of the behind the scenes images that have been on her Tumblr, it’s going to have a beach theme, much like the other videos. Makes sense, since she’s a Los Angeles native. She’s also releasing her second EP later this year, and I absolutely cannot wait for that. As of now, there’s no official title, artwork, or release date. However, I can patiently wait (ha, when am I ever patient), since I know for a fact it will be worth the wait.

For now though, fans can go to her Pledge Music site to pre-order her EP, purchase exclusive merchandise and an access pass that gives an even more in depth look into the process of making her upcoming EP. This girl is gonna be big, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.


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