“Wild” about Troy Sivan’s new EP

In short, if you loved TRYXE, you’re going to be completely OBSSESSED with Wild.

Yes, it’s just that good. Troye Sivan possesses a rare ability, one that I definitely wish I had (I also wish I had his vocal capabilities, but hey, we can’t all live the pop star dream). He not only made the transition from YouTube star to pop singing sensation, he did it successfully. His debut EP, TRYXE, debuted at number one on the iTunes chart in almost every country. It also trended worldwide, and debuted on #5 on Billboard. For a new artist, this is HUGE. It was wildly popular almost overnight. Now, cynics could chalk it up to his huge following of fans from YouTube, but that just wouldn’t be doing Troye Sivan justice. He isn’t just popular he’s extremely talented.

Now, his Wild EP isn’t technically an album, and it’s not going to be a stand alone like the TRXYE EP was. Instead, it is an “opening installment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce” us to all the music he will be releasing later in the year. So this amazing treat for our ears is only the beginning. One of the unique things about Troye’s songs is that his lyrics are about real world topics, as was evident in TRYXE (see, Fun and Happy Little Pill). Troye doesn’t just produce music, he writes it, and his words come from the heart. This was again evident in his Wild EP. I really felt the emotion through his vocals and lyrics.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I really admire Troye as a person, and especially as a music artist. Not only does he have meaningful lyrics, but also he manages to artfully blend them with fun, high-energy dance pop type sounds. If you don’t listen carefully to the lyrics, the songs may seem like fun club songs, but in reality they are so much more than that. This style that we got a taste of with the TRYXE EP has definitely carried over to his Wild EP. He especially showcases this style in the songs Wild and Fools (my two personal favorites). As for songs that have the potential to reach the top of charts, my bets are on the title song, Wild, and Ease.

The tricky thing about EP’s is that in order for them to be truly successful and sell well, every song has to be a hit. On an album of 12-16 songs, if 1 or 2 of them suck, it’s okay. However on an EP of 4-6 songs, you have to really sell each and every track. Troye Sivan did a magnificent job of knocking each of the 6 tracks on Wild completely out of the park. He does this mainly by making each one a unique sound mixing experiment; no two songs are the same. The songs on this album also show Troye Sivan’s evolution as a musical artist. The sound is more mature, and the sound mixing is definitely more experimental and out there. And I LOVE it. This EP is TRYXE taken not to the next level, but to a level we couldn’t have forseen. It’s AMAZING. Not only has his sound matured, he also has two collaborations on this EP that are glorious: Ease features Broods, and DKLA features Tkay Maidza.

If you’re wondering whether this album is worth your money, this answer is HELL YES. I mean, come on, it’s only $5 on iTunes, and it is absolutely amazing. It’s perfect for lazy Sunday’s when you don’t want to get out of bed, or rainy days when you’re moody, or even late night car rides. I can’t wait to see what he does with the rest of the songs on the upcoming album. It’s going to be phenomenal. Also, check out his music video for Wild, (part 1 of the Blue Neighborhood Series) below.

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