Blind Love

Words to describe this book: refreshing, romantic, suspenseful. 

I read this book months ago, as it was originally a NetGalley ARC. I absolutely loved it, but never published a blog post since Perks of My Quirks was a strictly YA blog at that point. Now however, as I personally transition over to New Adult books, I’m bringing the blog along with me in that transition. I’ve already published several other reviews of New Adult books, and I’m really excited to finally post a review of Blind Love, since it truly was a solid New Adult romance. This was the first book I’ve ever read by Kishan Paul, and I have to admit I’m hooked now. She’s now on the “authors to watch” list, and rightfully so.

“Being strong doesn’t mean you have to be alone.”

I really, really loved Lauren’s character. She’s a wonderful mix of vulnerable and strong, which makes her not only relatable but also someone I personally would want to be. She,s had a lot thrown at her in life so far, so I don’t blame her for having the trust issues that she does. What’s refreshing though, is despite all the crap in her life, she never complains, and definitely doesn’t come across as whiny. She had every reason to push Gabe away due to the fact that her ex-husband cheated on her, partially due to her blindness. The refreshing thing though, is that she didn’t. The grace she shows under pressure is also a rare quality in romance heroines. She doesn’t rely on the bad ass marine love interest, because she’s perfectly bad ass all on her own.

That said, Gabe was still the sexy, badass, and sensitive hero that every romance story needs to be truly delicious. I like him because he never pushed Lauren to do anything uncomfortable for her, but at the same time he never treated her like she was weak, which would have been easy to do considering Lauren’s disability. He also took full responsibility for the problems he brought into her life, even after doing his best to keep her separated from his past. 

Not only do these two each hold their own as main characters, their romance is off the charts. They were clearly made for each other. Gabe wasn’t overbearing, macho male with Lauren (not that she ever would have allowed it), and Lauren was never a weak, pitiful damsel in distress (let’s be real, Gabe would never have fallen for her if she was). At one point in the book, I was afraid that it would become a love triangle, but thankfully that never came to fruition. Lauren wasn’t putting up with any of Ben’s shit (and I love her for that). 

The beautiful thing about this book that not only were the main characters strong, so was the supporting character cast. Sunny, Lauren’s best friend/assistant/erotica novelist was absolute comic relief, and I loved her. She provided a nice reprieve from the. Owe serious moments of the story, and was overall a love able character. I have to admit, the real scene stealer was Jack Sparrow. Don’t even try to tell me that after reading this book you don’t want a large, lovable German shepherd named after Johnny Depp’s most loved character. He’s one of the most well-developed animal characters I’ve ever read. 

What really sold this story for me was that it was more than a fluffy, feel-good romance with some angst thrown in. That would have been really easy for the author to do; she could have easily made Lauren’s impending blindness and trust issues the main focus of the story. However, in a brilliant and refreshing move, she took the book to an entirely new level by adding suspense and mystery, and I love her for that. It adds a whole new layer of complexity to the book, and makes it worthy trading. It’s the reason I’m giving the book 5 stars instead of 3.5-4. I definitely recommend this book to someone who wants to read a suspenseful romance, with a few laughs thrown in. You can get it now at your favorite bookstore!


Thanks to NetGalley for proving a digital arc in exchange for an honest review. 



  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Blind Love. It totally made my morning that you really GOT Lauren and Gabe and all the other wonderful people/animals in their lives.

    — Kish


  2. […] it before, and I’ll say it again, Kishan Paul is an author to watch. I read her debut book, Blind Love when I was approved for an ARC on NetGalley, and immediately fell in love with her writing and her […]


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