Favorite Bloggers: BookTuber Edition!

A growing trend in society today is the building of a career through a social media platform. Whether it’s YouTube or Instagram, millennials are seizing an opportunity the technology of their generation has provided them, and for some its (literally) paying off. One community that I’m especially attached to is the book vlogging community. In fact, one of the most popular book volggers out there, Christinie Riccio, is the one who ultimately inspired me to start sharing my love of books with the world. Two years ago, I stumbled across her book vlog review of Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, and I was hooked. Book vlog reviews are unique because the vloggers are able to relay their feelings about a book in ways that a blogger can’t. You can hear the inflections in their voice, see the excitement in their facial expressions, and their individual personalities bring the review to life. For the past few years, I’ve gotten 99% of my book recommendations from Christine’s vlogs, though she is not the only one. Here are my Top 5 favorite book vloggers.

  1. PolandBananasBooks


PolandbananasBOOKS was started by Christine Riccio on June 5, 2010. Her bio reads,

“My name’s Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantastic books. I make what I like to think are funny videos every Tuesday and other days of the week too…I usually upload more than once a week – about books and book related pop culture stuff! READ A LOT. I’D LOVE TO TALK ABOUT BOOKS WITH YOU. ALSO COMEDY. ALSO TV. ALSO MOVIES. STORY LOVER IN GENERAL.”

If you hadn’t already gathered from her bio, Christine is a load of fun. Seriously, there isn’t any other book vlogger out there who possesses her unchecked enthusiasm and excitement about books. She’s always yelling and uber-excited in her videos, and surprisingly enough, it tumblr_n8i5uuiZ5H1twyn1do5_250is never annoying. Usually I’m put off by that amount of happiness, but her’s is contagious. It’s no wonder she has over 230,000 subscribers on YouTube; her videos are extremely fun to watch, and it’s hard not to love her right off the bat. Christine could probably get you excited about literally any book, she’s just that enthusiastic in her reviews. I’ve read books I never would have given a second glance thanks to her exuberant reviews. The even better part? She also reviews movies relating to popular YA novels, as well as several TV Shows, including Teen Wolf (a personal favorite), Vampire Diaries. Plus, her makeup and hair is ALWAYS on point. Stay flawless, Christine.


2. abookutopia


A Book Utopia was started by Sasha Alsberg on February 26, 2013. I didn’t discover it until this summer, though, which is unfortunate because she has some killer reviews (not literally). Sasha’s bio is short and sweet,

“Just a girl with a camera and a bag full of books.” 

She’s currently a freshman at Emerson College, which is really exciting for subscribers of her channel because it now means she’s rooming with another book review, and you know what that means potentially…COLLAB VIDEOS! I was drawn to Sasha’s channel for the same reason I was originally drawn to Christine: her undeniable excitement and love for books! I stayed with her channel though because she does a lot of reviews of YA Fantasy novels, which is a genre I’m still trying to delve deeper into. So far I’ve loved all her suggestions, and my TBR Fantasy list is growing every day thanks to her! In fact, without her, I never would have truly been urged to pick up Red Queen…and that would have been a travesty.

InstagramWebsite — GoodreadsTwitterTumblr

3. Tashapolis

tumblr_nnup4zrZyE1qcfclto2_1280Tashopolis was created by Natasha Polis (hence…Tashopolis) on October 19, 2012. On that day, the world was blessed with one of the BEST book vloggers of YouTube. Her bio reads,

“Natasha or Tashapolis (like Metropolis), Christian, BookTuber, loves to read, stalk the internet, and fangirl over my favorite movie and TV shows! Plus I’m obsessed with beauty.”

It’s a little obvious she’s obssessed with beauty…because she always looks FLAWLESS in her videos. The girl has killer skills with style and the makeup brush. Skills I could only dream of. That aside, she’s also got a great taste in books, obviously, because she has about 52,000 subscribers who eagerly await her videos, myself included. She’s slightly different from Sasha and Christine, and it’s kind of nice to have a change of pace. Instead of being loud and super peppy in her videos, she’s calmer, but still very funny. I love her sense of humour that shines through in her reviews, and the small quips she makes every now and then. She’s got a great personality that adds to her videos, and keeps subscribers coming back for more! Plus, she always has great songs she makes up for the beginning of her videos, and they’re a hoot. And she’s got a pretty good voice. Who woulda thought?


4. JesseTheReader


The only male on the list! Three cheers! Seriously though, male book vloggers are seriously lacking, which is too bad because I feel they add a new element to book vlogging. Sometimes it’s nice to have the opinion of a male; the way they perceive the emotional plots of books is very different from females, thanks to basic biology. It’s kind of cool to get a male opinion on books I love! Jesse George founded his YouTube channel on February 20, 2012, and has been thriving, with a subscriber count of ~123,000 presently. It’s kind of funny, because he says in one of his videos that he wasn’t much of a reader when he became a BookTuber, and he joined to read more…well now he’s a super successful book vlogger, so I guess you could say that worked out pretty well for him. His bio is short, sweet, and to the point much like Sasha Alsberg’s,

“I’m a BOOK WARRIOR, here to have fun & share my love for books. :)”

tumblr_nlvm427TZ61up6687o3_250You can get a pretty good idea for his upbeat and fun personality just from that one sentence. He possesses the same kind of enthusiasm for books that Christine does (with maybe a little less yelling). However, he does have the same amount of hand gestures and excited energy she does, which makes his videos seem almost interactive. I like his channel for the exact opposite reason I like Sasha Alsberg’s; she us a huge fan of fantasy, while he leans more towards contemporary novels. So, whenever I’m looking for a new contemporary to read, I browse his reviews. It’s never failed.

Jesse’s Links:


5. Katytastic


Last, but certainly not at all least, is Katytastic! It was started by Kat O’keeffe on February 22, 2009, and currently has over 183,000 subscribers. Why? Because she’s awesome of course! I myself discovered her through Christine’s channel…in fact the two of them are now roommates in Los Angeles! She’s literally living the dream. I would love to live with my fellow book nerd/ best friend in the City of Angels. *le sigh* ANYWAYS, her bio reads,

Hi! My name is Kat O’Keeffe. I love books, coffee, Korean dramas, and the internet. I want to tell great stories, travel the world, and have fantastic adventures. I’m a gamer, a Nerdfighter, a Whedonite, and a Whovian. I try to put up two videos a week, sometimes more if I’m feeling vloggy!

Kat is a lot more subdued than Christine, Jesse, and Sasha, but that’s not really a bad thing. Besides, she has some really awesome reviews and suggestions, so why should we even worry about that? She has a sense of humour, much like Natasha from Tashapolis, which is nice. Sometimes, you just need a laugh. And a great book suggestion. If you’re in need of either of those two things, head on over to Kat’s channel. You won’t be sorry.

InstagramBlog — GoodreadsTwitterTumblr

You want to know the absolute best thing about these five BookTubers? They’re all BFFs. They have all sorts of collabs with each other, some about books, most of which are awesome and hilarious, and something that always gets me excited about BOOKS. Of course, Kat and Christine are roomies, so they have quite a few collabs together. Additionally, Kat, Jesse, and Christine founded and run a book of the month club of sorts, called BOOKSPLOSION. I absolutely love Booksplosion, because it gives me at least one book to read each month (not that I’m every lacking in that department, but hey), and at the end of the month the three of them do a liveshow on YouTube discussing the book. How cool is that?! The September book of the month is Hollow City by Ransom Riggs. There’s still 14 days left in the month of September, so there’s plenty of time for you to catch up on that reading in time for the liveshow! Booksplosion is really handy because they often feature books I never would have thought to read, but end up loving!

Go ahead and hit subscribe, follow, etc, for every single one of these lovely people, and get ready for the exciting ride that is the world of BookTube!


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