Perfect Kind of Trouble

Having read the first book in Chelsea Fine’s Finding Fate series and absolutely loving it, I had high expectations for Perfect Kind of Trouble. Good thing for me, Chelsea Fine is a writer that never disappoints. If anything, this book was even better than the first. The characters were even more complex than her first book, the comical antics were funnier, and instead of just tearing up, I definitely cried during this one.

The funny thing is, I remember thinking a few years back, what if someone wrote a story where a grandparent dies, leaves a will that is actually a scavenger hunt, and along the way the protagonist falls in love. Imagine my delight when I read the synopsis for this story!

Kayla Turner has returned to her hometown to retrieve her dead, estranged father’s will, after being contacted by his lawyer. She is on her last leg financially, and is hoping there is enough money left to her so that she won’t be homeless. Playboy Darren Ackwood was called to the reading of Old man Turner’s will under the assumption the man left him the baseball cards he took from Darren a few years ago. Imagine their surprise when the lawyer informs them that the will is actually a scavenger hunt that will lead to money for both of them. Since both are down on their luck, they decide to go for it. The catch? They have to be handcuffed together until they find the money. Trust me, this leads to some very humorous situations, since Darren and Kayla pretty much hate each other initially.

In reality, it’s the characters, not the only-slightly-believable plot line that really make this book. Both struggle with abandonment issues, insecurity, and are struggling financially. However, through their mutual pain, they are able to heal each other slowly but surely.

“You know what Kayla Turner? You’re amazing. And the world is just going to have to be okay with that.”

Gotta admit, I was with Darren at first in my opinion of Kayla. I knew she wasn’t a spoiled princess, but I did think she was a bit whiny, and definitely haughtier than she should have been for someone in her situation. However, throughout the book she begins to not only reveal who she really is, but also evolve, and I think that is one of the things I like best about the book. Both main characters are different by the end than they are at the beginning.

“Every other guy on the planet is just that: a guy. But Daren is a force.”

This quote perfectly describes Daren. In the first book, we have sweet and gentle Levi, who is an amazing protagonist. However, he doesn’t leave quite the impression that Daren does, and he doesn’t take your breath away in the same way that Daren did. Seriously, I don’t blame Kayla for falling for him, who wouldn’t. We first meet Daren’s character in Levi and Pixie’s story, and he’s kind of made out to be an asshole who doesn’t think of anybody but himself. However, in this story we see a completely different side of Daren. In fact, by the end of the book, it’s like the Daren from Best Kind of Broken doesn’t even exist anymore (and that’s a REALLY good thing).

I really, really loved this book. I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because there was some hesitation on my part at the beginning of the book (didn’t think I would finish it), and it was pretty cheesy at points, but in the end it became one of my favorites. You should definitely put it on your fall to read list!!


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