I leave reviews on…

Obviously, a blog isn’t the only place a reader should leave reviews. Why? Well for one, unless you’re already an über successful blog, no one is ever going to read your post and find out what you truly think. So, how can you get the message out that you either passionately hated or passionately loved a book? The answer is so many places.


Goodreads will be your best friend. Here, people can comment on your reviews, which opens up a conversation with fellow book lovers. Does it get much better than that? Not really. Not to mention, Goodreads is also a really good place to find new books to read. More on that later though.


Another place to leave reviews where people will actually see and read them is Amazon! After all, if you’re like me, you buy 99% of your books on Amazon. So why not leave a review there? Authors, especially indie authors, will greatly appreciate it, and it takes pretty much no time.


Yes, you can use Tumblr for book reviews! Quite a few people do, actually. Why? For multiple reasons, actually. Yes, Tumblr is perfect for those 2am binges where all you do is reblog pictures of kittens and flowers. But it’s also relatively easy to gain followers on Tumblr, especially if you cater to a specific niche (like books). Those followers will then see the links you post to reviews on your blogs, and click on them to read more. VIOLA, you have increased traffic on your blog!

Barnes and Nobles

This one isn’t as important, considering not many people use Barnes and Nobles to buy books, at least not online. Amazon is just too strong of a competitor. However, it is still a good place to leave reviews and rate books. I know some people who will visit B&N.com not necessarily to buy anything, but simply to get an idea of how people feel about a book.

I have hyperlinked my personal profiles in the title of each section on this page. To see all my Goodreads reviews, simply click the “Goodreads” highlighted in blue! And so on and so forth. I hope this helps! Go forth and review, my fellow booklions.