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The Matchmaker’s Playbook

This book is pretty special for several reasons: it’s the first new adult ARC I’ve been sent, and it’s also the first new adult romance I’ve read that has been told entirely from the male’s point of view. Read more…


The Hook Up

File this book under “Don’t judge the cover” and “misleading titles.” Because this book isn’t just about a hook-up and a hot jock with yummy abs. It’s so much more than that. Read more…

At the Stars

“No guarantees. That’s life in a nutshell.”

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC of At the Stars by Elisabeth Staab. Read more…


New Adult: An Introduction

When I first joined NetGalley, an online site where bloggers can request digital ARCs, I immediately began browsing the genres of books. My intent was to go straight to YA books because that’s the genre I was most familiar with. However one genre stopped my cursor in its tracks. Nestled between Mystery & Thrillers and Nonfiction (Adult) was a genre I had never heard of, New Adult. Little did I know I had discovered a gold mine of new books and authors to fall in love with. Read more…


Between Everything and Us

But in spite of everything, we’re always going to feel a bit lost. it’s [art of growing up that no one ever tells you about.

Read more…